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Floral prints are a curious thing; no matter the way you style them, they will always have this same “retro-girly” effect – nobody has ever seen a grungy flower print right? I once tried my best to create a really elegant look with a flower-patterned shirt and a very classy all white suit … but it failed miserably, I blame the flower power. So… Read more


What? Bulgari Spring/Summer 2016 collection’s presentation Where? In the gorgeous Bulgari Hotel in the very heart of Milan’s historical center The mood? Classy, as the brand definitely is, but also very cozy – like a home bubble inside Milan’s Fashion Week My report? When in comes to jewelry, coral and turquoise have always been Bulgari’s emblems, and after being reinterpreted through time in various… Read more

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Those who follow me on social media (Snapchat-Instagram-Facebook, in order of quickness of information) might already know of my little escapade to Milan this weekend – and indeed I attended a few days of the Milanese Fashion Week to visit my favorite brand’s showrooms, some very interesting presentations and a few shows were on my schedule as well. More than every other season, I… Read more


The most frequent question asked to bloggers during interviews is certainly: “how can you describe your personal style?”. The answer must be something like “girly”, “retro”, “boho”, “grunge” or whatever – cause everyone is expected to have a define style. But how to define yourself if you’re not the “defined” type of person. Can you be a “Fashion Blogger” without “style”?

Today I can… Read more

V13A7954“Denim is back” – this is without doubt the most controversial quote I retained from my last fashion-related magazines readings. It is true that in “high fashion” denim disappeared for a few seasons before being bring back in the newest collections by Burberry Prorsum, Fendi and Alberta Ferretti, and after this long awaited resurrection denim has been worn pretty much haphazardly: we have seen… Read more


When Daniel Keppler, L’Occitane Switzerland’s manager, was explaining about the brand’s new collaboration with “the Picasso of pastry”, alas Pierre Hermé, during the very delicious breakfast organized at Geneva’s boutique, all I could hear is the loud melody of joy ringing in my head – the reason for this carelessness is the fact that two of my biggest obsessions just merged in front of… Read more


Age is a very interesting notion; we spend our lives being steered according to it. In my psychology classes we studied the development of a “normal” child – at 6 months we should be able to sit with help, at 12 we should like to play with our toys,  at 18 we should be able to say a few words … then there… Read more

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