We all have this image in our heads of the graceful Audrey Hepburn running under the rain wearing her over-perfect Burberry trench in the final scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s – but in the real life, when we forget our umbrella and we have to run through a downpour, we are more likely to look like Cat (aka “the poor slob without a name”… Read more


Last December I introduced on my blog Thomas Sabo’s fragrance “Charm Rose”, aka one of the best deals I found for a perfect Christmas gift. I’ll keep that brief there but I just want to add that I gave this fragrance to my cousin and to a good friend of mine and they were both really happy with it. Following the huge success of… Read more


As I left Russia when I was seven, I never really had the opportunity to explore the city. Because coming every year to visit some family and some of the most touristic sites of the North Capital won’t help you advising your friends about the best places, coffee shops, restaurants and bars of the city – so as I was planning my next trip… Read more


I heard a lot about detoxing programs: I heard that it works, I heard that it’s painful, I heard that it’s useless. I heard so much that when PrivateDetoxBox offered me a 3-days trying I accepted without a second of hesitation – after all, isn’t having your own opinion one of the most important thing in life? So a few days before the start… Read more


People are often asking me where do I draw my inspiration from and these same people are surprised when I answer them that it is precisely them that supply me with all the necessary material for a new article. I draw inspiration from questions people ask me, remarks that they make me and sometimes even the looks that they give me. Well no later… Read more


At the end of this week, Charles and I’ve been invited to the cocktail in honor of Adidas’s latest babies launch : the Supercolor sneakers. This is an exclusive collection that is coming up as a collaboration between the international giant and Pharrell Williams, offering the largest choice in terms of available colors ever seen – from now on everybody will be able to… Read more


At school, sports was the time of the week that I dreaded the most. Oh I remember all theses excuses I made in order to miss these classes: stomachaches, backaches, headaches and even strong allergies – nothing was too excessive when it came to sports. The major factor of this aversion was running, I used to hate it! Being obliged to run around a… Read more
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