With all this Valentine’s Day mood around us these days, and the high number of newsletters I receive from my PR agencies with “the perfect gift ideas for your other half”, I had in mind doing a regular article featuring some products to put on your wish-list or to buy to your beloved for the big day. But my Valentine article plans changed as… Read more


My mother is an extraordinary person, you have to know it. Not only because she drinks more coffee than I do and that she taught me to never go out with a shitty (or inexistent) manicure, no my friends, she is extraordinary because of the amount of shoes she buys that seem to all have the same problem: they don’t fit her anymore once… Read more


Monday morning and first day of February. Time flies faster and faster it is a fact now, but January passed excessively unnoticed – especially for those that decided to forget time during improvised holidays on an island, I’m pleading guilty. Anyway, it is time to get back to reality, and to beauty routines as well (no make-up and salted face 24/24 on Saint Martin… Read more


You have probably already heard that story: a modestly dressed woman enters in a luxury boutique, asks to see more closely a bag that is displayed on a higher shelf and is refused by a sales assistant that saw no possible profits and said “this model is way too expensive for you” – as it happened the woman was a rich heiress that ended… Read more


Do you remember what you were doing on this day exactly one year ago? What book you were reading in November 2013?  Or if you have enjoyed a banana split four years ago? I noticed that more the years go on, more the days pass quickly and at the end, what stay fresher in the memory are the “firsts” : the first time… Read more


After a few days in St Maarten, I found myself wondering if this life, the life on an island was for me. Could I be the girl that woke up with the sunshine, that drink peach juices instead of coffee, that end every day with salted hair? Could I be happy with a calmer life, as far as possible from fashion and trends, as… Read more


Even if I knew that life as a student presented many advantages, nobody ever told me about extra long winter holidays (2 months, I’m not kidding).  At first I have decided to consecrate this time to work; these Russian classics I have to read for February and the blog’s new projects. But then, reality struck me in the face and I realised how… Read more

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