Since I first visited Paris I proclaimed every day that this was the city of my dreams and that I wanted to live there when I grow up. But I grew up in Switzerland, and in spite of myself I get used to the quality of life that I had there. Now, when I go back to the City of Lights I realize… Read more


  • What? The presentation of Jimmy Choo’s Spring-Summer 2015 collection
  • Where? In the very heart of a “restless because of the Fashion Week” Milan
  • The mood? “Tribal style meets Urban style” would have probably been the best title to define the collection. I’ve noticed a lot of fabrics, colors, shapes and techniques’ mix on the bags and the shoes, that contrasted with the architectural sobriety… Read more


Everybody knows Burberry, everybody knows it’s trademark, everybody knows that this famous trademark has been the victim of it’s own success for a long time because of all these copycats. But why do we love this pattern that much? Or otherwise, why do we hate it? Here is a small non-exhaustive list of my thoughts, do not hesitate to intervene if I forgot something!… Read more


  • What? The presentations of Gant and Gant Rugger’s spring-summer 2015 collections
  • Where? In Gant headquarters in Zurich
  • The mood? Casual, as the collection itself by the way. Gant SS15 is a trip which starts in L.A, the city where meetings are serious and cocktails generous, then continues onboard a sailing boat along the Cali shores, and ends on the mythical beaches of Carmel. The… Read more


Chanel has spent her life advocating for black, a color that was for her the absolute beauty and perfect harmony. And as Chanel is still the best example than a blogger thirsting for fashion can give, it is through her that we begin this article dedicated to black. I personally do not remember having worn black when I was little, my mother thought the… Read more


  • What? The exclusive collection of the American designer Alexander Wang for the swedish giant H&M
  • Where? Considered the theme of the collection, the presentation could only have taken place in a workout center. I should have bet! It’s in the Zurich’s Indigo Fitness Club that we have discovered this long-awaited collaboration.
  • The mood? Chose your sport – do you prefer boxing, diving or fitness?… Read more


Do you like surprises? Personally I-love-them! The last one I had was given to me by my dear Bogdana when I arrived at the showroom that A la Russe held during the Paris Fashion Week – she served me tea, champagne and chocolates as usual and then she announced me that Anastasia Romantsova, creator of A la Russe, was launching a new brand. This… Read more
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