Beauty bloggers is a pretty curious sort of people, when fall is approaching they do not complain about being back to reality, neither they look forward to the next holidays. Aliens? Freaks? Not really, it is just that they know that every-single-morning (apart from Sundays, damn them these days off), a highly irritated postman will hand them one (or several) boxes filled with new… Read more


Those who know me in real life are well aware of the fact that if you want to get me into a heated conversation, just try to complain about your lack of luck; “Oh how lucky you are, me on the other hand …”. It comes to the point where I heard so much of this, that I start regretting not having saved… Read more


If my life has taught me one thing, it is that every great summertime is doomed to end by a violent ice bucket of reality : that “back on track” moment when your mind is still at the playa but your body is, ugh, at work. Modern-psychology-by-Elvira (lol) strongly advises to pamper yourself with a brand new beauty routine in order to fight against… Read more


After spending the last weeks running like crazy from city to city after the Santorini gateway, I finally undid my suitcase at my Geneva apartment. Despite of the fact that it does not have the chic of the Belvedere in Locarno, the luxury of La Reserve or the size of my family’s house in Montreux, this flat has something absolutely unique for itself –… Read more


What does Napoleon and I have in common? Apart of the obvious fact the we are not really tall of course. Well we are both deeply obsessed with the Aqua Mirabilis, a strong cure made of 18 distilled plants. Napoleon because it kept him healthy and handsome, and me … well because it is the main ingredient of Roger&Gallet’s new line: the Aura Mirabilis… Read more


As a child, I pictured myself being a lot of things, but none of them included being the special guest of such a grand hotel as La Reserve in Geneva – actually, I’m still pinching myself while writing these lines. If you follow me on social medias (that include my Instagram + InstaStory as well as my Snapchat channel) you probably couldn’t have missed… Read more

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