Weekends are made for cocktails, you will all agree I think, but it is also made for some of these special rituals you do before a night out, right? Here are some of my favorite products that I use to create the perfect night look, enjoy ladies!


Inspired by the duality of Tom Ford’s woman, the brand introduced this year… Read more


Last week I had a very special delivery, a delivery from Russia and thus, a delivery from motherland. You know what people say; you can take the girl out of Russia, but you can’t take Russia out of her (well that’s not exactly what “people” say, but you got the point) – so it is with an hectic care that I unpacked the delivered… Read more


As a Geneva resident, I am used to many things; hearing people say that little black dresses are summer’s must-haves, surprising myself complaining about the lack of nice coffee places and always having quality beauty products available within easy reach. This last part is of course one of Switzerland’s biggest proudness, as the cosmetic world is (unlike the fashion world) really developed here –… Read more


The modern kids that you are, you probably already know, from my Snapchat account or even from Instagram, that yesterday I took part in my first, own-styled, photoshoot for the #21 issue of the Beautiful magazine of Switzerland. The shooting took place at the Kempinski hotel and we managed to gather high-jewellery brands such as de Grisogono, Vhernier, Boghossian, Bulgari, Caspita and Natkina, without… Read more


As the degrees started dropping, it is all natural for human beings to gasp for the warmest of sweaters, the comfiest of pants and the thickest of socks – and this without any consideration of style because honestly, when it’s six in the morning, still dark outside and cold as hell no one really thinks of being classy, the one thing that matters is… Read more


I was still in Russia when the polemics around BalmainXH&M’s collection broke on the web. The view from my apartment showed the Moika river, some buildings styled by Peter the Great and an extravagantly big billboard with an even more extravagant price on it … And all this for a jacket from the highly awaited collection. Sitting on my windowsill, I couldn’t help but… Read more


As I started packing my things for my upcoming trip to Saint Petersburg, selecting my warmest clothes and my favorite accessories, I couldn’t help but wonder: why am I so attached to this city now, although it wasn’t even in my top five list a few years ago?It is true that in the past few months I went back to the “Northern Capital” three… Read more

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