“Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp”, such is the René Furterer brand philosophy. I must admit that I never had the opportunity of trying any product from this famous french brand before I got the Lumicia line in my mailbox, but as you already guessed it successfully passed my hard-to-please tests. As you might know, our hair is dulled everyday by a… Read more


There is no feeling like a long-awaited summer finally popping up after what seemed to be the coldest spring ever. Tanning sessions, endless iced coffees and warm golden hours … will be on my bucket list as soon as exams are over.  In the meantime all that my schedule can afford is an occasional cappuccino in between of two visits at the library.… Read more


I love small bags. In my opinion, they have many fantastic advantages – they are cute, cute and cute. They are also way easier to put in the wardrobe than big bags, but that’s not that important. However, when it comes to the practical question, like the actual space in the bag, we start noticing that small bags can have little flaws as well.… Read more


Life taught me that nothing’s more important than vibes. Your own ones and of course those of the people that surrounds you; friends, family, acquaintances. You can wake up in a glorious mood – because of the weather? a good night of sleep? great work results? Whatever, days like these are all about a certain lightness, a feeling of je-ne-sais-quoi that makes happy. And… Read more


Back in the years, when I was still a kid with braces and glasses, I remember having laid my eyes upon a bag in a shop. Not a stupid backpack as all my girlfriends had at school, but a pretty little glittery box (a kind of Louis Vuitton Petite Malle for kids) costing the extravagant price of 50€. It had the most delicate pearl… Read more


“There is a difference between art and art experiences. I admire art in galleries but not of my art experiences took place in an art institution” As I wrote on my Instagram account (@elvira_abasova), I don’t often fell for quotes, nor like to share them on my social medias. But that one seen on one of my favorite youtuber’s profile (@classisinternal) just keeps resonating… Read more

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