As a couple, Charles and I are pretty much of a disparate one; he enjoys long walks in the forest while I – short runs in the city, he eats whatever’s on the table while I’m the pickiest person ever, he’s more into alternative music while my playlist is all about pop. But in spite of our many dissimilarities we still managed to live… Read more


Last week I escaped from Geneva (and from studies) for a few hours to attend the Clinique event in Zurich – I took advantage of having come a few hours earlier to have a cappuccino at Sprüngli with a fantastic team I had missed a lot (more to come in the following months!). And at the end of that day, having been driven by… Read more


The other day I heard a fellow blogger saying that she is too busy to even open her delivery boxes  – it made me wonder if a) am I really as overwhelmed with work as I think I am? and b) am I a crazy hysteric? Because even while I am ironing my clothes whilst composing a future blogpost and trying to make… Read more


It happened two weeks ago: my boyfriend was vacuuming our apartment (yes you read that right), tried to reach the dust under the bed and found, instead of dust, large boxes filled with clothes I brought with me when I moved last year (!!!) and that I obviously never worn, other accessories and tons of un-reviewed & un-tested beauty products that I just stock… Read more


First of all, I’ve never been the kind of person to excitedly wait adulthood to get a tattoo – to be totally honest two weeks ago I was rather against any form of ink on my body. Wouldn’t even try to explain why, this was just something I never pictured myself doing.

I know that usually, people think a lot about their first tattoo… Read more

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You know what I say: fall season means big lipstick haul at the local mall. While those transitional months are so hard for the wardrobe (big cosy sweater or little light jacket?), they surely are not for the vanity case as we precisely know what we want: warm brown/red shades and delicate nudes, all in a good old opaque coverage – because you can… Read more

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