Originality is such a complicated concept. Who and what, in our 21st century, can really claim to be original when fashion itself, and it’s so-called new collections, is an eternal cyclical phenomenon. Actually, as Buro247 recently pointed out, the last original trend that was showed on catwalks was Grunge, then followed the inspirations from the 50s, 60s, 80s, 40s, 60s again, 70s, 90s, 70s… Read more


Last week I attended HEAD’s fashion show in company of MAC. Being one of the most important art&design school in Switzerland, HEAD’s annual show is also one of the only fashion event in the country being sponsored by such prestigious brands as MAC and Mercedes-Benz. But my HEAD adventure started hours before the show, when I got invited to a private make-up session with… Read more


Yes, it’s this time of the year already. Shops are illuminated with Christmas lights, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine are sold in the streets and brands are releasing their Holiday collections and sets. Isn’t it a blessed period?

I started unpacking and testing some of the winter newbies a few days ago and have already selected my favorites, here we go: Read more


While I used to be really, deeply, strongly into prints for as long as I can remember, this season I feel like I’m eager for some changes. I can see it in my last purchases and wardrobe additions : quality blacks, all sorts of whites and beiges and some bright touches of red – shades I think suits me and that will be actual in a decade, not only because quality in my main concern, but also as those pieces I choose are print-less, and thus less likely to going out-of-fashion. Read more


There is a Russian saying I really like : we greet people by their looks, but say farewell by their minds (I believe the english equivalent would be beauty may open the door, but only virtue enters). I remember that back in the years my grand-mother would always tell that one does not need a pretty face to shine – which seemed quite… Read more


I was in the train back from Milan Fashion Week while the Royal Savoy in Lausanne was officially celebrating it’s reopening, and as my social media stream gradually filled with gorgeous pictures from that à-la-Gatsby event, my envy reached the top and I decided that I would, in time, visit the place myself and discover it’s treats.

The opportunity presented itself last week, when… Read more


Some people, like me, have a very selective memory : they won’t remember a name, nor a face, but introduce yourself to them with the right pair of shoes and you can be sure to forever be remembered as the stylish gal with that pair of flats I need. Silly? Yeah probably. Materialistic? It surely is. But it is also real, and knowing… Read more

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