In an interview granted to The Cut magazine, one of the IRO designers, Laurent Bitton said that: if a girl could only afford a piece from the collection, she would have to take the leather jacket because it is perfectly fitted, short and our best seller. If you feel the fabric  you’ll see that the quality is very good for the price… Read more

photo-800 To go shopping”, isn’t it something that, as time goes by, has taken a much greater dimension than just  “to go shopping”? Let’s go “shopping”? asked me my friend the other day and we both knew it was the perfect excuse to wander between the shelves, pretending we are passing a judgment on the clothes and gossip. “Shopping” can… Read more


A lot of people consider Switzerland favored by its banks, by its ski resorts, watches and chocolate but maintain that in the field of fashion, Switzerland should keep to the craftsmanship. Error, error! For such a small country, the number of designers is impressive, and the number of good designers could discourage any sharp gossip. Take for example Michael Muntinga and Roland Rahal, creators… Read more



When I met Eugene for the first time I knew he was the kind of person that I had to introduce on my blog; he’s young, he’s talented and last but not least, he loves shoes as much as I do. With shoes he means “souliers” and shoes he intend vertiginous heels, Californian style sneakers and rock moccasins  - enough to… Read more


Often people who go to Miami Beach only stay in Miami Beach. Yes I know – there is everything you need for fun: bars, beaches and shops. But the fact is that if you have not crossed a few bridges that separate you from the chain of islands that lies just below Miami Beach, you’ll never be able to say: I’ve been to… Read more


What is the first image that comes to your mind when I tell you: Miami Beach? Is it not Ocean Drive with its collection of small pastel colored, art deco designed hotels? This is probably this image that pushed Charles and I to struggle to get a room at the Colony Hotel during our stay. This hotel is the icon of the street,… Read more


It’s not a secret anymore; Victoria’s Secret is the best lingerie/swimwear brand of its category of affordable ready-to-wear. Founded by a man too embarrassed about going to buy underwear for his wife in a regular supermarket, the company has today an international reputation. But what kind of reputation? What pushes girls screaming when entering the boutique? And even I, to take pictures… Read more
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