In all the movies, all the songs,  all the slogans we hear about the American Dream. The dream of success, greatness and wealth. A dream where there is no need to have a high education or a million dollars to launch a project. Yes we have all been rocked by the idea that somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic a… Read more


Okay, America has never been my dream – when I was a little girl I used to dream of Paris, Uzbekistan and London … New York, Los Angeles and Miami are destinations which I came to dream of much later. Maybe it is because I’m Russian, or the fact that long distance flights scared me, but once the tickets for Miami taken, I… Read more


On accessories’ theme again, let’s talk about those that are imposed on us by the weather, let’s talk about umbrellas. I noticed that in Paris, probably as in all big cities, their prices double as soon as the first drops fall. This is usually the same sellers proposing more expensive bottles of water during the hot days, or “Burderry” scarfs during windy days,… Read more


Presented at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines, the couture collection of Ralph&Russo was la crème de la crème of this Fashion Week. The dresses seemed as if out of a dream; satin, silk, lace, chiffon or crepe – the most noble fabrics came one after the other and even Olivia Palermo, sitting in the front row, had been astonished. The beginning of the collection… Read more


I‘ve always loved “eye-catching” accessories; these are the pieces of my jewelry box that I wear less often, that I dust more often but that, when worn, come as a bombshell. Those girls who have this kind of accessories at home can confirm it, it is difficult to wear because they are hard to please, they aren’t going well with other jewelry and… Read more


How do you imagine the perfect rendez-vous? Are you the kind of person to love timeless classics? Aka flowers, chocolates and champagne? Personally I love it, I’m not ashamed to admit it, but it had to be a revisited classic, in fact I need a surprise in this scheme. My last really perfect rendez-vous was at Roger Vivier, there was everything… Read more


The third day of the Haute Couture Fashion Week was all about taking decisions. To wear or not wear my long Aziza Zina skirt in the parisian storm? To take or not to take spare shoes? To risk or not to risk going out without an umbrella? Actually this is indeed in the third day of my stay in Paris that the… Read more
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