The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on how most people seem to keep their most beautiful items, clothes or jewelry, for “special days”, often by fear of ending up overdressed (but more on this term later) during an event.

My mother is from this sort, her wardrobe could make jealous more than one fashionista – yet half… Read more


I believe we all have a happy place, a city or a neighborhood that keeps filling us with positive energy, inspiration and just works on keeping us happy. Mine is Paris. Yes, I know all of it’s terrible morning traffic, moody residents and the fact that wherever you look at there are homeless. All those Fashion Week seasons I spent cursing the city because… Read more


Jet lag or not, when Paco Rabanne kindly requests your presence in Paris to attend a special event, you just jump in your Louboutins and take the train for the City of Lights. It happened last week : Charles and I had barely the time to update our watches that we found ourselves in one of Paris’ chicest hotel, Le Meurice, discussing Paco Rabanne’s… Read more


Long time no beauty reviews – yes, this is indeed my first review article of 2017, the last one having been about those shiny makeup products right before NYE. To be totally honest it is guilt that brought me to write this new post, because in five weeks I discovered real beauty gems and was feeling awful about keeping them “secret” – so here… Read more


Having grown up with Gossip Girl and Sex And The City references, I would have thought that New York would have had no surprises left for me. Still, ten days in the Big Apple taught me otherwise; here are some false ideas I had about NYC:

“You can walk all day in heels” – remember that episode when Carrie Bradshaw crosses Manhattan in her… Read more


Believe it or not, the first red lipstick I’ve ever bought was a MAC one; a matte, blood red named Ruby Woo. Since then I tested many reds, this shade becoming what we could call my signature look – but Ruby Woo remained my personal classic, a sure asset for a forever-lasting stay and a rich color payoff. In general, I tend to consider… Read more

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