• What? Little Black Dress and LBD White spring-summer collections shows
  • Where? In Zurich during Mercedes Benz Fashion Days’ Closing night
  • The mood? Girly and playful as usual, the collection is made of contrasts between pastel colours and black details. The patters are very rich in colours and characterized by bold geometric shapes, they remind me of the Miami beach’s Art Deco architecture.
  • TheΒ … Read more


The second night I spent at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days in Zurich was the last one of the event. The program was so promising: young swiss designers were awaited with their new spring-summer collections. Everything was perfect until Charles and I had problems at the Accreditation’s desk.Β At the beginning they said that we were simply not invited, then they found out… Read more


  • What? Costume National spring-summer 2015’s show
  • Where? In Zurich during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days’s “Notte Italiana”
  • The mood? Like often at Costume National these are the seventies’ inspirations that give the rhythm to the collection. Collection which remains, overall, quite dark with coulours like brown, dark purple, blue-gray and black.
  • The keypoints? Costume National is known for it’s edgy cuts and minimalism –… Read more


This year was the third consecutive year that I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days in Zurich. Already three years! I remember each of these parties as if they were dated of yesterday, moreover, if each of these years was to be a dress, I will summarize my Fashion Days’s adventures like this: In 2012 it was the midnight blue dress of the Swiss… Read more


  • What? Vivetta’s Spring-Summer 2015 show
  • Where? In Zurich during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days’s “Notte Italiana”
  • The mood? Very rich in colors and details, the spring-summer Vivetta’s collection testifies of this sprit we often associate to the Italian brands : the funny and eccentric, but nevertheless feminine and poetic sides, with a strong inclination for the fifties.
  • The key point? Embroideries. The young brand… Read more


  • What? The presentation of Navyboot’s Spring-Summer 2015 collection
  • Where? In their beautiful boutique on the corner of Rue du Bourg and Rue Caroline in Lausanne.
  • The mood? Champagne and cupcakes were waiting for us there, so you’re in right in thinking that in was convivial! For the occasion, the second floor of the boutique had been converted into a presentation room where we have… Read more


Can we be chic and casual at the same time? I suppose it is the debate of my whole life. My friend Ezgi, who’s probably one of the best Zurich’s luxury branding developers , doesn’t raise this question any longer. Here is her opinion on the subject: Being chic or casual has, for me, nothing to do with what you are wearing, personally… Read more
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