The other day I was talking of high-school with a friend of mine, and this coffee chat unlocked some buried memories from that time. As some of you might know, at the last year of high-school I got suspended after someone reported to the dean that I was missing classes to attend Fashion Weeks and presentations. This story gathered opinions from the whole school… Read more


Let me ask you a riddle. What is the ultimate embarrassment for a beauty blogger? Being caught not one, nor two, but three days in a row without makeup in the streets of Geneva. See, when the only thing that you have on your agenda is the most dreadful exam you probably ever had, time comes to settle some priorities – and believe me… Read more


I believe there are two kind of people; the “sun” ones that feel amazing by day, that can wake up really early just for the pleasure of a long breakfast and that loose the integrality of their energy as soon as the sun sets – and the “moon” ones that you just wouldn’t be able to woke before noon and that feel fantastic during… Read more


I have three make-up options when going out. 1. flashy when the outfit is very simple or lacking of details 2. nude when the outfit is elaborate 3. ball option – which is that particular situation with both makeup and outfit are outstanding and it just feels ok

Tonight’s Moët&Chandon event in Geneva is just the perfect occasion of talking about the second option… Read more


It’s been almost a year since I’m living in Geneva on my own, and it still feels unbelievably good. Yet when I meet people that I used to study with, or even friends-of-my-friends (crazy stupid status btw), almost every time I got asked these amazing questions : “Don’t you miss your family?” or “How do you survive without your friends?”. See, when time came… Read more


As I got invited at Diesel’s store reopening in Geneva two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of choosing something from their brand new FW16 collection to wear at the event. And guess what my babydoll soul chose? A dress yes, a madly cool dress of faded denim, with an embroidered flower, pleated skirt and bleached finish. Having made my choice on a coup-de-coeur… Read more

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Even if it’s quite hard to believe looking at the current weather forecast, summer is just around the corner. Which means that I can finally post the reviews of my absolute favorite new launches of the season or just big coup-de-coeurs that will not leave my side for the rest of the hot period. Let’s start with makeup essentials, shall we?

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