Unlike color trends, there are print trends I love, and those that I hate – the pied-de-poule (aka houndstooth) is definitely to be placed in the first category. My first purchase with this retro pattern dates back to 2012, the year when I launched the blog and started paying more attention to must-haves. And as you might know the pied-de-poule was just major… Read more


Do you guys know the quote: “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” ? Well it can be applied to many things and people – but has never been more accurate than when talking about L’Oreal’s new Studio Pro hair styling products. Bright yellow, quite unmistakable and a bit wasp-spray-looking, the packaging of this new line puzzled me for a good time …… Read more


When it comes to hair care, we all have our winning combo. My boyfriend uses eggs to make masks, my grandma claims that she can do her own shampoos (which are disasters by the way) and I heard that it is very popular on Youtube to wash your hair with regular soap (tried it – hated it). My own winning combo was just recently… Read more


People say that you can’t go crazy with the outfits in Geneva because it is so conservative. Well, I certainly won’t deny the city’s conservatism, that now tends to define the style of it’s residents more and more. But I actually don’t think that the presuppose style of a city should hinder your own one. I love my city’s vibes, but not enough to… Read more


Red lips never go out of fashion. But we are humans, and humans are always in search of novelties (at least beauty bloggers and are makeup makers) – this is basically why brands are giving birth to fresh formulas and playful products. So here are, for you loves, two new and original alternatives to the red lipstick : Kiko’s Free Spirit Lips&Cheeks pencil and… Read more


I’m always puzzled when I hear the “Top 5 colours of the season”. Not that those shades are unknown to me (blogging for four years makes you learn even the meaning of “begonia” – which is a dirty kind of pink), it is just that I’ll never understand how s color can be “in” or “out”. Actually I have once followed a color trend,… Read more


When I talk to non-Russian friends or acquaintances here in Switzerland, sometimes their curiosity leads them to ask the “it is true” questions concerning my motherland and it’s strange residents. “Is it true that Russians are heavy drinkers?”, “is it true that in restaurants you are only served local (and thus very starchy) food?” or even “is it true that there are bears playing… Read more

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