I recently read a quite incredible article about “what to write when you have nothing to say”; the blogger who wrote it advises to start telling your readers where you are at the same moment when you write, then you should describe how you feel about being there and what’s the weather like (and of course what’s your feelings towards it), she also adds… Read more


The world of healthy food lovers is still very small in Switzerland, so when something unusual is coming on the market, the news spread like wildfire. The information came to me from word of mouth, that my fav brand of cold-pressed juices, Private DetoxBox, were launching not just one but three new juices to extend their line: the Greytox, the Coffeetox and the Cocotox.… Read more


Those who follow my exhausting feeds on Snapchat might have noticed that I just got through the most draining period of my whole life (aka final exams). Even if it can be difficult to believe, these past weeks of labour were not spent inspiration-less; just yesterday, one of my teachers asked me about my interests in life – a pretty innocent and easy question… Read more


When you ask anyone living in Geneva what he/she thinks of the city, you can bet all your fortune on the fact that this person will answer by a shrug, and say that evenings there are boring. At first I’ve been very surprised by this, how such quality events can possibly be boring? Let’s take Dukascopy’s after-work parties, every month the Forex team organizes… Read more


Saint Petersburg is a magical city. I’m not telling this because it’s my birthplace, nor because my room’s walls are riddled with postcards that show the city’s most beautiful spots. No, I’m taking the liberty of such words because of the many talents that praised the Northern Capital; the great poet Pushkin, that was born Moscovite but died in Saint Petersburg after writing some… Read more


Aren’t “sun-protection” talks on the earliest days of the hot season the most boring of all? There are indeed, but there are probably no more important ones that those that are boring. I am not a born diehard user of sunscreen but since I have realized the significance of using a sunscreen there is no parting thenceforth. We all enjoy the benefits that the… Read more


Lately I’ve been really addicted to England’s history, especially to the very well described by the author Philippa Gregory’s Plantagenets period; all this drama, all these royal extravagances … sometimes I really consider history hundred times more advertising than any series. As a fashion enthusiast, I also appreciate the outfit reports in these historical novels – skirt lengths, hair accessories, jewelry and the list… Read more

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