• What? The presentation of the spring-summer 2015 Rita&Zia’s collection : Babylon
  • Where? In their showroom in the very heart of Geneva
  • The mood? Very exotic, the new collection of the swiss brand’s inspired by Babylon’s mysteries and introduces four new talismans in Rita&Zia’s range: the beetle, the butterfly, the alligator and the shark tooth.
  • The key point? Rita&Zia became known for the ease it’s… Read more


A few days ago, as I was trying to explain my little sister the meaning of the old saying “Always put yourself in the other manโ€™s shoes”, she told me something really cute and childish – I told her that before criticizing someone she should always “walk a mile in his shoes”ย but as she’s still very young, she didn’t understood the… Read more


  • What? The presentation of Savelli’s line during the International Salon of Haute Horlogerie
  • Where? In the Presidential Suite of the Four Seasons in Geneva
  • The mood? Chic, Modern and Unexpected – Savelli’s products surprise by their originality because they are the very first luxury smartphones especially designed for women. Alessandro Savelli, the founder and CEO of the brand, presented us the four categories of… Read more


Not so long ago, a girl asked me if it happened to me to wear an item of clothing more than once in the same year. It’s funny the way bloggers are perceived, people often forget that their closets also have a limited amount of space and therefore, they are also (sometimes) careful to what they buy. But her question did not come from… Read more


A lady that we make all take as a reference today once said: “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future,” and although she said it about half a century ago her quote has only increased in value. We all have a small bottle of perfume to spray on us every morning, and in the long run we are beginning to smell it… Read more

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I spent a week in London, a wonderful and surprising week, but even if a week is enough to see everything, it’s definitely not sufficient to feel everything! London is differentย in many waysย from all the other capitals I visited; it’s a total melting pot, it’s energetic and the local food is, well, utterly tasteless. Here is a short list of… Read more



Here we are, 2015 is finally here! I say “finally” but I don’t actually mean it because there wasn’t a moment of this year when I wanted it to end. 2014 was a good year, even a great year regarding all the novelties. I spent the New Year’s Eve in London, watching the giant fireworks getting out from the London Eye, it was… Read more
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