A few days ago, my best friend Anastasia and I were having a passionate conversation over our wonted brunch. The subject of our talks was the jeans I’ve been wearing on the fourth days of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week; the fact is that, even if I ripped and painted it by myself, I was feeling reluctant about claiming them to be “made… Read more

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  • What? “Gipsy Night” – Roger Vivier’s Spring-Summer 2016 Rendez-Vous Collection
  • Where? At the Maison Roger Vivier, on 29, Rue du Faubourg Saint HonorΓ©
  • The mood? Casual and yet very classy (Julia Roberts was trying some accessories at the very same time in a private room of the boutique), each season, for each presentation the Roger Vivier team impresses us with the decoration, or I… Read more


Paris is great at two points; the number of quality bakeries and it’s Fashion Weeks. These special weeks, whether it is for Ready-to-wear or Haute Couture presentations, are the kind of events that make the city “actual” and “alive” – not that elsewhere the city’s dead, no, but one must admit that Paris mostly lives from past glory, as many capitals do. It’s also… Read more


Fringe has been a “festival” statement piece for as long as I can remember, and Coachella stars have always worn it being proud of the “Western” twist it was bringing to their outfits. Actually, fringes have been around for years (remember the roaring 20s from your history books?), but their arrival to the high fashion level and into the very heart of famous designers’… Read more


  • What? ILJA’s Fall-Winter 15/16 Couture collection
  • Where? In the garden of the Residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week
  • My report? During this show, I had the chance to be standing just at the entry of the runway, and thus I’ve been having a quite close look at the details and the fabrics –… Read more


“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself” – this became, throughout the years, one of my main rules. Relying on other people to do things for me has always been difficult, I guess this is why I’m so bad on teamworks and other activities that require a minimum of cooperation. But this sort of restraint of mine also comes with perks… Read more


I recently read a quite incredible article about “what to write when you have nothing to say”; the blogger who wrote it advises to start telling your readers where you are at the same moment when you write, then you should describe how you feel about being there and what’s the weather like (and of course what’s your feelings towards it), she also adds… Read more

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