Here comes my annual preventive article that is preaching the importance of being sun-protected during the summer season. I know that you know. And you know that it won’t stop me from introducing you to some of my new beach-bag essentials, especially as my trip to Santorini is eminent. So please find there my five favorite products when it comes to sun exposure.

IDEAL… Read more


We see them all around laughing too loud, smiling too much, jumping, screaming, crying, spinning, or burning – burning like those fabulous yellow roman candles described by Kerouac. “They are crazy” we are used to say, because we are taught to consider unusual behaviors abnormal, crazy. But then, where does that little pinch of jealousy we feel comes from? We don’t want to seem… Read more


Happiness. How often have we heard that “it is the ultimate purpose of life”? That “this job/person/purchase” can make someone happy? How often have we searched for that mysterious thing that brings happiness or worked in order to “be happy”? Alexandre Dumas wrote : “Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to… Read more


You guys know how mad I am with classics, whether it is in fashion or in beauty – thus, my collection of lipsticks is mainly made of casual shades of beiges and classy variants of red. Having recently set my sight on the milanese brand Kiko I couldn’t help trying their Gossamer Emotion, a best-seller that everyone seems to adore. I hate saying this… Read more


If you follow me on Instagram (@elvira_abasova), Facebook (@TheRussianCode) or Snapchat (elvira_abasova), you couldn’t miss the fact that last week, I organized myself a little trip to London – no, not to enjoy the sales and post-Brexit prices (ok I DID left all my money at Harrod’s, but it was in their tea&sweets department, please don’t judge me), but rather to visit my best… Read more


Two weeks ago I got invited to de Grisogono’s first “Rendez-vous” cocktail at their Geneva boutique. I guess everyone knows de Grisogono, unless you spent the last decade crouching in a cave and couldn’t be dazzled by all the Rich&Famous&Sexy people wearing the brand’s most extravagant jewelry on the red carpets. Well you must imagine that, receiving their invitation, I was already dusting off… Read more


The other day I was talking of high-school with a friend of mine, and this coffee chat unlocked some buried memories from that time. As some of you might know, at the last year of high-school I got suspended after someone reported to the dean that I was missing classes to attend Fashion Weeks and presentations. This story gathered opinions from the whole school… Read more

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