I’ve never considered myself as a great sportive (or as a sportive at all), but you see, when the “healthy” trend inflamed our 21st century and I’ve realized that the “detox” green juice was frankly disgusting, I understood that it left me only one solution to be in: the fitness. So I took my mother’s Spa subscription and, oh something I had never done… Read more


There is nothing more frustrating during the season of year’s end celebrations than to imagine a Christmas without snow. There are yet everything to be perfect; the store’s windows are decorated with as little sobriety as possible, Starbuck’s offers special recipes in the traditional red cups and big brands like Chanel and Burberry make us dream with videos inspired by fairy tales. Normally at… Read more


Can we really talk about Burberry, without mentioning the trench? Of course not – this outerwear is the best-selling of the brand since … well since the First World War when Thomas Burberry designed it for officers of the British army. He also kept the original name, trench coat, reminding to those who are not history buffs that it was the jacket of trenches… Read more


I’m always, always impressed by unexpected collaborations. When Kiehl’s announced their partnership with a group called “Kadebostany” I immediately supposed that they were some designers or maybe an other brand of beauty products. But it was even better than that, Kadesbostany is a young pop band, who has taken root in Geneva before becoming internationally known with a first album – “Pop collection” (An… Read more


When it comes to classic outfits, we are always tended to look for brands with impeccable reputations. Why is that? At first for some obvious reasons like the quality and thus the durability of the clothes, but also because the brands who became known just for their “classical” styles never refrain themselves from ameliorating their key models as the seasons go by. Gant is… Read more


When Samsung decided to go into partnership with four great names of the swiss fashion for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days of Zurich I haven’t been surprised as the brand is not at it’s first experience in the fashion world: I remind you that a few months ago it is the designer Julian Zigerli himself who created a personalized phone cover for me as… Read more


December is here! And everybody knows what this means; this season your obsessive shopping can finally be justified by a noble cause – the purchase of gifts. But it is true that with all the choice that we find in stores at this period we can sometimes feel a bit lost. Yes I also have spent hours hesitating between the floors, walking round and… Read more

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