Attending the Fashion Week when you were not supposed to be attending the Fashion Week is one of the weirdest moments I ever experienced. Because Charles and I decided to skip this season’s Weeks due to a huge amount of work we had here in Geneva, I haven’t asked for any invitation and rsvp any event I was invited to. Thus you can only… Read more


What can you see walking down the streets of a big city? Fresh releases of new technologies, dozens of new it-bags, glossy pictures of new stars, icons or whatever. You got it, we live in a world driven by new. Now, this is not an article about our consumer society, especially as me, being a fashion blogger, am kind of misplaced to criticize it… Read more


When Chanel invited us to discover it’s newest J12 XS watch in Paris, I couldn’t believe what was happening – not only because the House of Chanel is the Holy Grail of all luxury brands, but also as it is known for usually avoiding collaborating with bloggers, let alone Swiss bloggers. Our journey started the day after we came back from Italy, and only… Read more

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They say first impressions are important as they define almost irreversibly the mental image of a person, place, etc. and in my case, Pisa made a terrible first impression on me. Don’t understand me wrong: the architecture is incredible indeed, and I’m not only talking about the over-famous Leaning Tower – the whole building set of Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the finest… Read more

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Riomaggiore is the kind of pretty village everyone likes to admire on postcards, but if it strikes your fancy to actually visit it and taste by yourself those wines people always praise or that cheese that is known for being the best in Italy, please know that Riomaggiore is not that far nor really difficult to reach. Charles and I booked our Easyjet tickets… Read more

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One very wise person once said that “you can really appreciate life only when you don’t have to study for an history exam”. Ok that wasn’t a wise person, but just me – Elvira the survivor. After spending the past few weeks over books, taking notes of major events I was supposed to already know as a russian (but somehow I didn’t) and trying… Read more


If I were to sum up the long hours spent in from of my wardrobe being indecisive, it would find it’s key point in a struggle; the struggle between all those laces, feathers and patterns from the left side of my closet, and the careful selection of simple but well cut dresses from the it’s right side. Who do I want to be tonight?… Read more

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