Despite the fact that I never liked labelling my personal style – I rather appreciate thinking of myself as someone that can wear anything (or almost anything, I mean Christopher Kane for Crocs? Non merci) – there is still one thing that is sure about my tastes : I cannot pass by a colorful co-ord without immediately grabbing it. Here for instance is a… Read more


From a vaste palette of florals to fresh fruity notes, my favourite season when it comes to fragrances has arrived – and this first month of spring is bringing us some fantastic olfactive newbies. Are you ready to discover eleven of the most interesting fragrances that are hitting the stores right now? Here we go:

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For some people mainstream would be a negative way of saying popular, well popular to the point it became slightly annoying – like those Michael Kors bags I cannot stop seeing on EVERYONE since 2013. So freaking annoying. To me, something mainstream would without doubt be a piece of clothing approved by my 14yo sisters (yep, they are twins) – let me explain, if… Read more

If Fashions Week had one and only one rule, it would without doubt be: expect the unexpected. See, after four days of amazing spring warmness and sunshine in Milano, starting the Parisian Fashion Week on a storm day was, how to say that and still be a lady? Well let’s say it was annoying, really annoying, annoying to the point all I wanted… Read more


Shortly after coming back from the Milan Fashion Week (the next day actually), Charles and I departed for Paris with one of my all-time favorite beauty brand, Caudalie. You guys already know how much I love Paris right? Thus, even if I’m usually taking at least two days to recover from a Fashion Week before heading to another, I couldn’t resist confirming my presence… Read more


While the current Paris Fashion Week is all about how to look stylish, or at least decent, while it’s pouring with rain all day long (but more about my Parisian stay in the upcoming posts), I feel like looking back at the few days of pure sunny spring we had in Milan is a real bliss. And indeed, my last outfit from the Milan… Read more

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