Lately I caught myself thinking a lot about what it means to me to be free. It is a fact that as I’m living in the city, under some regional, global or even fashion rules, I can’t even dream of being a totally free person. But maybe by the choices I made in my life and the directions I’m now following, I can reconsider… Read more


There are movies that no self-respecting fashionista could overlook – I’m referring of course to The Devil Wears Prada, Sex And The City (1 and 2), 13 Going on 30, The Princess Diaries and the great Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Not only these movies are really funny, but they also stage some of women’s biggest dramas (while exaggerating them a bit… Read more


I’m no great poet, never having written a single rhyme I won’t put myself in embarrassment by saying that I’m no poet at all – but there are times when these kind of boundaries, these kind of self-imposed limits seem to fade and all you want to do then is to compose beautiful lines filled with emotions that would make even Pushkin go to… Read more


Some people are ready for every circumstances. This is actually a very distinct part of our population and we can recognize them when it starts raining and they take out their umbrellas from their bags while you keep running under the rain, when they have a Plan B in case their favorite restaurant is overcrowded on Friday night while you have to order home… Read more


I’m not someone that likes to go wild with make-up. Actually after my extravagant teenage period I haven’t touched a Crayon KhΓ΄l for years, I prefer sticking to my usual shades of brown eyeshadows. Boring? Not really because even if I don’t try tons of various color combinations and sparkling powders, I still change my products very often … by trying the brown shades… Read more


I was having a sushi-lunch with a friend of mine in Geneva the other day, and as we were talking about my recent collaboration with H&M and their very special “New Elegance” line, when my friend told me that vintage style does not fit everyone. I was about to contradict her, being the kind a retro lover that spends hours in historical books only… Read more

IMG_6503When I was a little girl, my mama and I used to live in a tiny apartment near Saint Petersburg. This apartment was a two-room slightly bigger than the one where I’m living now, and when my mama wanted to watch her “grown-up” series, Sex and the city, she used to lock herself in her room, forbidding me to enter/listen/disturb.Β  The only thing… Read more

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