Do you like surprises? Personally I-love-them! The last one I had was given to me by my dear Bogdana when I arrived at the showroom that A la Russe held during the Paris Fashion Week – she served me tea, champagne and chocolates as usual and then she announced me that Anastasia Romantsova, creator of A la Russe, was launching a new brand. This… Read more


When Roger Vivier’s team organizes a party for the muse of their latest collection, things are not done by halves! If last February we celebrated the beautiful Miroslava Duma, this season it is the surprising Ambra Medda who goes under the spotlight – this young woman is known for having launched Design Miami, one of the most prestigious fairs of contemporary design in… Read more


  • What? The presentation of Roger Vivier’s Spring-Summer 2015 collection
  • Where? At the Maison de l’Amérique Latine, on Rive Gauche bien sur.
  • The mood? Classy and electric with a little touch of … Inés de la Fressange laughing on a big screen at the entry of the presentation – what more do you need for a good mood?
  • The key point? The “Mask” collection… Read more


Shortly after arriving in Paris, a friend told me about a young woman, new in the milieu, that had launched her jewelery brand, the way she said it made me immediately understand that I would love her job and ruin myself in her shop. Indeed, I met this young woman, Anna Karapetyan, for a coffee at Pershing Hall – she wore on her… Read more


  • What? The presentation of the Spring-Summer 2015 collection of the young but already very promising brand Esme Vie
  • Where? At the fifth floor of the Hotel Raphael, in a princely suite ofter frequented by Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner and Jacqueline Kennedy
  • The mood? An elegant and romantic atmosphere, a showroom with a view on the Parisian roofs and the Eiffel Tower – we have… Read more


Once upon a time there once was a girl who had a lot of scarves, she had so much of them that she didn’t know where to put them, she had so much of them that their number exceeded even the one of her shoes (which means in itself that it was really a lot). But she was never wearing them,… Read more
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