There is a french expression that shows itself quite accurate every springtime, it says: en Avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil, which can be translated by “in April don’t remove a thread of clothing” – and basically means that April’s warm weather is not to be trusted. While I consider myself relatively trivial towards this sort of dictums, I must admit being… Read more

In Russia we have a folktale that used to be really popular among the children in my village, the tale is about a little mouse that, if you treat it with care, could turn things into real gold. I remember how we were all searching for it, how we believed that richness was just hiding somewhere close. Apart from the romantic aspect of… Read more

As I’m sitting in my favorite coffee place in Geneva, enjoying my first cappuccino of the week (#needed), I cannot help but thinking of how, exactly one week ago, Charles and I were having some Italian caffeine in Milano with the Cartier team, just before the brand’s big party. I was wearing mama’s vintage top, my go-to jeans and some of the most… Read more

Not many brands could motivate me into going in a garage by night – but Cartier did. To celebrate the new Juste un Clou and Ecrou de Cartier collections, the brand held a themed design exhibition, named When the Ordinary becomes Precious, during the Salone Del Mobile in Milan, and invited Charles and I to take part in this dazzling event. This is… Read more

As I’m packing my suitcase again for a couple of projects in Zurich and Milan, I cannot help but feeling a very familiar excitement that reaches me every time I’m about to spend some time in big cities; hello food on-the-go and bye bye sleep. Beyond basic travel conditions, these are the bursts of energy that I’m looking for the most – the kind… Read more

Despite the fact that I never liked labelling my personal style – I rather appreciate thinking of myself as someone that can wear anything (or almost anything, I mean Christopher Kane for Crocs? Non merci) – there is still one thing that is sure about my tastes : I cannot pass by a colorful co-ord without immediately grabbing it. Here for instance is a… Read more


From a vaste palette of florals to fresh fruity notes, my favourite season when it comes to fragrances has arrived – and this first month of spring is bringing us some fantastic olfactive newbies. Are you ready to discover eleven of the most interesting fragrances that are hitting the stores right now? Here we go:

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