When I was younger I used to watch romance movies, dreaming of my own future love story and constantly, unceasingly wondering how and under what conditions will I know that this person is the one. I mean, books and movies present it in such a simple way, like there is no other choice for the characters than falling in love, almost as if… Read more


We flew to Bordeaux on a coup-de-tête, because I heard the city was a gem and the wine was … well we all know about bordelaise wine right? That’s how, on a whim, we found ourselves eating croissants, walking down the little streets filled with local concept stores, discovering the city from the huge Tour Pey-Berland and simply falling in love with the… Read more


When Charles and I landed in Florence, I knew quite well that time to visit the city was limited – as originally the plan was to remain at the Pitti exhibition with Nobis’ team (explicative blogpost coming soon) – but limited does not mean inexistent, and it is in quite a rush that we jumped in a cab after dropping our suitcases in the… Read more


I’ve always been the shortie. That one girl that looks smaller that anyone else on pictures (and thus prefers being shot in the sitting position when surrounded by taller persons) as well as the one to be constantly repeated but hey, petite is cute. I must say that I don’t think about it often, it is not a complex nor something that tends… Read more


31 December – I packed my little suitcase and am heading the the calmest part of the Swiss Riviera: my parent’s place in Montreux where I plan to welcome the new year with my family, Charles, a few bottles of Moët&Chandon Nectar Impérial and my mama’s Russian salad – all while listening to Poutine on the Russian TV (it’s a sort of tradition). But… Read more


Hard to believe that New Year’s Eve is already tomorrow but being at the moment wrapped in tons of dresses, constantly repeating that “I have nothing to wear”, I assume that here we are all over again. While selecting the perfect outfit for tomorrow nights is a drama, at least I don’t have the same problems with make-up – find my Top 3 products… Read more