While the current Paris Fashion Week is all about how to look stylish, or at least decent, while it’s pouring with rain all day long (but more about my Parisian stay in the upcoming posts), I feel like looking back at the few days of pure sunny spring we had in Milan is a real bliss. And indeed, my last outfit from the Milan… Read more


The second day of this Milan Fashion Week was marked by a special event – well, special is of course quite subjective, some might find it totally banal, but it was something I will cherish for a long time.

I was invited to attend the Etro show for the very first time – as a Swiss-based blogger getting invitations is not easy, and when… Read more


We arrived in Milan with the idea of spending this Fashion Week wisely – “we won’t run, we won’t stress, we won’t drink too much coffee, we will just take it easy and enjoy a well selected amount of presentations and shows” – but as it often happens, there are just situations you can’t plan. So long story short: we ran, we stressed,… Read more

I’m writing these lines from my train seat, literally minutes before crossing the Swiss border (and thus dramatically lacking of 4G connection), so please forgive me for being short on this introduction. Yesterday evening I packed my suitcase for two weeks of Fashion Weeks, I genuinely admire people that plan everything in readiness and not under last-minute stress, but while I pack clothes at… Read more


The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on how most people seem to keep their most beautiful items, clothes or jewelry, for “special days”, often by fear of ending up overdressed (but more on this term later) during an event.

My mother is from this sort, her wardrobe could make jealous more than one fashionista – yet half… Read more


I believe we all have a happy place, a city or a neighborhood that keeps filling us with positive energy, inspiration and just works on keeping us happy. Mine is Paris. Yes, I know all of it’s terrible morning traffic, moody residents and the fact that wherever you look at there are homeless. All those Fashion Week seasons I spent cursing the city because… Read more


Jet lag or not, when Paco Rabanne kindly requests your presence in Paris to attend a special event, you just jump in your Louboutins and take the train for the City of Lights. It happened last week : Charles and I had barely the time to update our watches that we found ourselves in one of Paris’ chicest hotel, Le Meurice, discussing Paco Rabanne’s… Read more