Despite the fact that we’re already in the middle of winter and that Christmas is (sadly) behind us, I decided to make a little article about my favorite fragrances for this cold season. May I introduce you to the winning trio? Bvlgari’s Rose Goldea – Viktor&Rolf’s FlowerBomb – DKNY’s Be Delicious. Each of them has a distinct character, a unique je-ne-sais-quoi, but the three… Read more


I used to hate parkas. I disliked this type of jackets so much that I would have probably preferred to freeze to death in a trench coat than wearing one. Actually, I cannot really explain why, maybe I wore too much of them as a child, or maybe this is just their esthetics that I couldn’t match to my style, and consequently I haven’t… Read more


Every morning since the 1st December I’m opening the little windows of my Estée Lauder advent calendar with one thought : how come we are already the end of 2016?

As the past few months have been crazy in terms of opportunities and new experiences, meetings and new projects, shootings, discoveries and unexpected surprises, I’ve been caught in the tangle of work and kind… Read more


As some of you might already know from social medias, last week Charles and I traveled to Paris with Van Cleef & Arpels. Although my trip was organized under some last-minute stress, it’s planning turned out to be flawless, from the personal driver waiting for us at the railway station to the little goodies that we got in our hotel’s room before our departure… Read more


Originality is such a complicated concept. Who and what, in our 21st century, can really claim to be original when fashion itself, and it’s so-called new collections, is an eternal cyclical phenomenon. Actually, as Buro247 recently pointed out, the last original trend that was showed on catwalks was Grunge, then followed the inspirations from the 50s, 60s, 80s, 40s, 60s again, 70s, 90s, 70s… Read more


Last week I attended HEAD’s fashion show in company of MAC. Being one of the most important art&design school in Switzerland, HEAD’s annual show is also one of the only fashion event in the country being sponsored by such prestigious brands as MAC and Mercedes-Benz. But my HEAD adventure started hours before the show, when I got invited to a private make-up session with… Read more


Yes, it’s this time of the year already. Shops are illuminated with Christmas lights, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine are sold in the streets and brands are releasing their Holiday collections and sets. Isn’t it a blessed period?

I started unpacking and testing some of the winter newbies a few days ago and have already selected my favorites, here we go: Read more